Countertop Replacement

Please note, if your countertop replacement will happen concurrently with your kitchen or bath project, or any scope of work including cabinetry, it will be included in the design and production process of that project. If your project is a straight-forward countertop replacement, with a scope not exceeding plumbing disconnect, tearout, install, and plumbing reconnect, your project will follow these steps.

Project Initiation

When you first contact us by phone or e-mail, or stopping in our showroom, a Welling Kitchens representative will ask about the scope and timeline of your project and give you a chance to ask questions about our process, services, or your project details. We’ll then collect your contact information and explain next steps. If you are at the Welling Kitchens Showroom, and someone is available to help you, you may begin the Material Selection and Pricing stage right away. If you called or e-mailed, or if someone is not available in the showroom to help with your project, a Welling Kitchens representative will schedule a time for you to come in to select materials. At this time, you’ll also be provided with a copy of the ​Welling Kitchens Countertop Replacement Procedures and Processes Agreement​, which we ask you to look over, agree to, and sign prior to moving forward with your project.

Material Selection and pricing
In order to make your color selection and pricing go as smoothly and quickly as possible, please bring along the following to our showroom:

  • Color and material samples for your existing cabinets (a drawer or door), backsplash, paint, etc.
  • Rough measurements of your new countertops (round up to the nearest inch, when in doubt)

A Welling Kitchens representative will discuss properties, pros and cons of different types of countertop material, sink styles, edge profiles and backsplash types, and guide you in selecting a few colors and patterns of countertop material for your project. We recommend that you check these samples out so that you can see them in your space, with your light and your surroundings. Within one business day of your preliminary material selections, your Welling Kitchens representative will send you a quote for the materials you selected.

Once you finalize your selections and scope for your project, your Welling Kitchens representative will draw up a contract for your countertops. Welling Kitchens pricing will not include plumbing disconnect and reconnect, however if we are installing your countertops, we’ll be happy to coordinate that service for you. Your plumber will bill you directly for their work. If you agree with the contract, you’ll sign, and submit your 50% down payment. This triggers the production phase of your project.

Modifications to project scope after you sign your contract require a change order and may affect price and timeline of your project.

From here on, depending on the material you select for your countertops, the process and timelines will vary.