Flooring FAQ

What is the scope of Welling Kitchen, Bath & Floor's work?

Kitchen & Bath

We design, sell, and install cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, shower and tub surrounds, tile, flooring, and associated accessories. Accessories we supply as part of our cabinetry projects include decorative hardware, sinks, faucets, cabinetry inserts for organization, integral power stations in cabinetry or countertops, undercabinet lighting, decorative lighting, and bath hardware. These accessories are not available for individual sale. Additionally, we design, supply and install closet/pantry systems, fireplace mantels, other custom woodwork, glass shower doors and panels, and shower surrounds. When in scope, our installs are managed by our dedicated project manager, and done by a combination of our in-house installation team, and our trusted subcontractors.

While the most common countertop materials used in our projects are quartz, granite, solid surface, and laminate, our material options are virtually limitless. Specialty countertops we have included in past projects include wood and butcher block, marble, quartzite, stainless steel, labradorite, and cast pewter.


Our Flooring division sells and arranges installation for a wide variety of products including but not limited to carpet, LVP/LVT (luxury vinyl), laminate, hardwood, engineered hardwood, tile flooring, underfloor heating, tile backsplashes, tile showers, tile/stone fireplaces, and more. Our qualified team of installers can install your new flooring and/or tile. 

Our Flooring division works in tandem and independently from our Kitchen & Bath division; customers working with our Designers on a remodel project may work with our Flooring division to select flooring and tile options for their remodel, and the Flooring division also serves customers who are looking for flooring only. Our installers do not install flooring that we did not sell.

We also sell commercial flooring. Contact our Flooring Center for more information on your commercial flooring project!

Do I need an appointment to come to the Welling Flooring Center Showroom?

You do not need an appointment to visit our Flooring Center showroom during the week, but we do recommend it to ensure that someone is available to assist you. The Flooring Center showroom is open on Saturdays by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule an appointment. 

An appointment is requested for visits to our Kitchen & Bath Design Center. This space is made for designers to use as they guide homeowners through decisions on their project, with material and finish samples tucked away so as not to overwhelm people with too many options. Therefore, we feel you’ll find it much more useful and informative to walk through with a Welling Kitchen, Bath & Floor representative. While you are welcome to stop by anytime during our normal business hours, we highly recommend that you call in advance just to make sure that someone can be available to help you find what you are looking for.

What geographical area does Welling Kitchen, Bath & Floor serve?

For our Flooring Center:

Our service area is within a 20 minute drive of our office, meaning that we will complete installation at jobsites in this area. For jobsites between a 20 and 30 minute drive from our office, please connect with us to see if we are able to work on your project. Jobsites over 30 minutes from our office are typically out of our service area.

We will use Google Maps to determine the distance from our office to your home and welcome you to do the same as a preliminary check prior to moving forward with your inquiry.

Our service area includes Stevens Point, Whiting, Park Ridge, Plover, Custer, Amherst Junction, Amherst, Biron, Arnott, Stockton, and Junction City. For jobsites over a 20 minute drive from our office, please connect with us about your project. We may be able to install your flooring and/or tile project (such as projects in Wisconsin Rapids)!

For information on the geographical service area for Welling Kitchen & Bath related projects, please see that FAQ page: wellingkbf.com/faq

Do you offer free estimates or free in-home measurements?

Yes, we will measure the rooms included in your project and then we’ll put together an estimate for you – both at no charge.


Request a Flooring Estimate

Do you take credit cards?

Welling Flooring Center accepts credit cards, as well as cash, check, and money order.


If you are ordering flooring and/or tile products as part of a larger remodel through one of our designers, we direct you to the Kitchen & Bath FAQ page for information about payments for remodel projects.

When is my payment due?

The first payment of 60% down is due when you’ll review your contract with a WKBF representative to confirm pricing, final project scope, and anticipated timeline. If you agree with the contract, you’ll submit your signed contract and down payment. Materials for your project are ordered after your contract is signed and down payment is received.

Your second invoice for 20% of your project value will be issued upon substantial completion of your project. Your final invoice for the remaining 20% of your project value will be issued once the original scope of your contract is completed. Your invoices will show payments you have made and the amount due.

All payments due upon invoice. Invoices that remain unpaid after 30 days will incur a finance charge.


What will Welling Floors install for me?

Our installers are able to install any product that we sell! That includes tile, hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, carpet, and more!

Sorry, we do not install products that we did not sell.

Do I have to be working with a designer on a bathroom or kitchen remodel in order to come to Welling Floors for my flooring/tiling project?

Absolutely not! We sell flooring and tile products and install those products for anyone within our service area. We have materials for both residential & commercial projects.


*There are some projects that we may not be able to take on, such as a space with serious structural issues that pose risk to our team of installers. This is a very tiny percentage of projects that we are presented with. 

Can I purchase the supplies for my flooring project and do the installation myself?

Yes, we will help you be sure that you’ll have everything you need for your installation.



Can Welling Floors access the record of my purchase from Duralum?

We do have Duralum’s electronic records that were passed to us by Troy. Give us a call or stop in and we’re happy to help!

Is the Welling Flooring Center Showroom in the same building/location as Duralum was?

No, we are located at 3701 Patch St, Stevens Point with the Kitchen & Bath division, at the same location where you’ve always known Welling to be. There is a sign over the entrance to the Flooring Showroom that says “Welling Flooring Center”. We’d love for you to stop in!


Can Welling Floors convert my tub/shower combo to a walk-in tiled shower?

Yes, but these projects take time – expect to wait a couple of weeks for an estimate as your shower space gets drawn out & planned out to the detail so that we have all of the right materials, the right amount of materials, and that your shower will be safe and functional. We may talk to you about our Waiting List if we aren’t able to get to your project right away.

Will Welling Floors work on new construction?

Yes, we’ll work with your contractor and will do take-offs, and provide free estimates based on blueprints. We can get started even before groundbreaking, then we’ll do an official site measurement when the framing is up so we’re sure to order the right amount of materials. 

Are Welling Floors installers experienced and will they do a high quality job? Are they insured?

Our installers have a combined 100+ years of experience! Our team is made up of friendly, experienced, and fully insured installers. We are proud of the work that they do, and we think you’ll be proud of the work that they do in your home, too! 

I’m concerned that transition pieces won’t match the existing trim in our home. Is it going to look bad?

We can do custom staining for transition pieces to match your existing woodwork – we do it in-house! One of our team members does the custom stain matching and is excellent at it! 

What if I find something from a vendor’s website that Welling Floors doesn't have on display? Can I buy that?

Yes, of course! We can order a sample for you so that you can see it in person and in your space. We want you to be able to be sure that you like it your selection! We can order just about any product that our vendors sell.

Do I have to take delivery of my materials when it is received by Welling Floors? Will you deliver them to my house?

If you’re not quite ready to have your flooring products delivered to your home when they arrive, please let us know and we can make a plan with you to store it in our warehouse.

When you’re ready, we can arrange delivering the materials to a designated space in your home.

Does Welling Floors have products and knowledge about flooring materials appropriate for accessible spaces/ADA accommodated spaces?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to help you find the right product and material for your space that fits the needs of your home!

If we need more information about a product, we can contact the manufacturer to be sure that we get you the most accurate information before your make your purchase. We want you to be happy, satisfied, and comfortable with your new floors – and a big part of that is making sure they fit your needs.

Does Welling Floors sell and install commercial flooring products?

Yes we do! We have a variety of commercial flooring products including luxury vinyl, laminate, carpet, carpet tiles, and more! Our team of installers are able to install commercial flooring as well.

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