Builder/Contractor Responsibilities

This section is relevant to you if you are building a new home, or if your remodel is being managed by your contractor.

It is important for builders to understand Welling Kitchen, Bath & Floor project procedures so that they have appropriate expectations of how we do business. This will help builders help their clients avoid additional charges above and beyond the value of their Welling Kitchen, Bath & Floor contract. Welling Kitchen, Bath & Floor works hand-in-hand with builders to always provide each other with the most up-to-date relevant information about aspects of the project that we each manage. We are dedicated to working as a team to provide our shared customers with a seamless experience and a final product that they will love for years to come.

Communication of Timelines
As the General Contractor of the project, the builder oversees coordination of all subcontractor timelines, including Welling Kitchen, Bath & Floor. Welling Kitchen, Bath & Floor’s designer and project manager will communicate directly with the builder to understand anticipated ready dates, delivery, etc. for smooth project execution. Accurate timelines make it possible for us to obtain materials at the right time for delivery, and avoid charges resulting from cabinetry storage at Welling Kitchen, Bath & Floor exceeding two weeks.

Delivery Preparation
We ask that builders have an easily-accessible space cleared out in the garage for our delivery crew to put your cabinetry. If no one will be onsite at the time of delivery, we ask the builder to provide us with information on how to enter the home, and where to set the materials we are delivering. Delivery inside the home, or to any space that is not accessible by a 26′ box truck, will incur an additional delivery charge. If the homeowner or builder informed the designer in advance that delivery will not be a standard garage delivery, this pricing will already be included in the contract, however if the scope of delivery is changed at the time of delivery, additional charges will be noted on the invoice. Our delivery crew will deliver where they are asked to put the cabinets, and they will not discuss delivery pricing.

Welling Kitchen, Bath & Floor