Bathroom Remodel

Please note, if your bathroom remodel will happen concurrently with your kitchen remodel, it will be included in the kitchen remodel process.


In order to give you an idea of what full bathroom remodels typically cost in our area, the following are some budgets from recent bath remodel projects including their scope. Take these with a grain of salt. Materials that you select will, of course, make a big difference in the final budget of your project.
  • Two full bathroom remodels done concurrently: plumbing (no change of location), electrical new heated tile floors, solid surface-panel shower surrounds, one glass door, new plumbing fixtures, new vanity cabinetry, countertops, mirrors, closet doors and trim, decorative bath hardware: $55,000
  • Full bathroom remodel: Includes gutting the entire bathroom, moving plumbing, adding electric, drywall, paint, adding heated tile floor and jacuzzi tub, and all new plumbing fixtures, solid surface-panel shower surround with glass door, vanity cabinetry, countertop and light, decorative bath hardware : $35,000
  • Full bathroom remodel: Includes gutting the entire bathroom, plumbing uninstall/reinstall,  drywall, texture, paint, tile floor, soaking tub, and all new plumbing fixtures, solid surface-panel shower surround, vanity cabinetry, countertop and light, decorative bath hardware : $27,000
  • Full bathroom remodel: includes removal of existing shower, drywall repair, paint, plumbing unsinstall/reinstall in same location, new solid-surface panelled shower, new Luxury Vinyl floor, new plumbing fixtures, decorative shower hardware, vanity cabinet and countertop: $15,000
  • Partial bathroom remodel: new vanity cabinet, countertop, sink, faucet, decorative hardware, plumbing fixtures and plumbing uninstall/reinstall in the same location. Does not include any electrical, framing, drywall, paint, or the shower/tub:  $9,500
  • Supply only bathroom: new vanity cabinet, countertop, sink, faucet, decorative hardware, solid-surface panel shower surround and base, shower plumbing fixtures. Install not included: $5,500

Design Phase

Project Initiation
When you first contact us by phone or e-mail, or stop in our showroom, a Welling Kitchens representative will ask about the scope and timeline of your project, tell you about our process, and give you a chance to ask questions. We’ll then collect your contact information and explain next steps. If your project requires any structural changes, or non-tile flooring (services not provided directly by Welling Kitchens), the Welling Kitchens Representative will ask whether you have a contractor in mind for those parts of the project, or you’d like to use a Welling Kitchens-trusted contractor, who we will contact on your behalf. Your designer will most commonly involve your contractor in the design process following your Design Consultation. Your contractor will oversee coordination of all subcontractor timelines, including Welling Kitchens’ timeline. Your Welling Kitchens designer and project manager will communicate directly with the contractor to understand anticipated ready dates, delivery, etc. for smooth project execution.

Depending on the quantity and nature of our design team’s active projects, your project will likely be put onto a design waiting list, in which case we’ll tell you our best guess for when a designer will be ready to start working with you. After your conversation, the Welling Kitchens Representative will send you a follow-up e-mail and your homework.

Homeowner Homework
After your project initiation conversation, you will receive 2 e-mails. One will include a link to a Houzz ideabook. Houzz is a website with thousands of photos of all aspects of home design. We encourage you to search Houzz to find photos of spaces, design styles, layouts, etc. that catch your eye. When you save those photos to the ideabook shared with you, your designer has access to the whole collection, and can use your inspirations as guidance to help them create a design that is catered to you. The second e-mail will summarize the next steps for your project, including your homework to prepare for your design consultation, and if you’d like to interview contractors for your project, contacts for one or two recommended contractors. Attached to the e-mail will be a copy of the ​Welling Kitchens Bath Remodel Procedures and Processes Agreement​, which we ask you to look over, agree to, and sign prior to or during your design consultation.

Design Waiting List
If your project is on the design waiting list, we’ll send you an update e-mail every 1-2 weeks to let you know your current number. When a designer is ready to start your project, we’ll contact you to schedule your in-home design consultation, and if needed, we’ll coordinate with your contractor so that they can be there for the meeting as well.

Once a designer begins working on your project, it will have their full attention, and you can expect them to get you your design and pricing in an efficient manner. We apologize for the wait and appreciate your patience. We’ll make sure that the design and experience we provide is worth waiting for! We encourage you to take advantage of the time while you wait for your project to begin working on your homework, i.e. selecting your contractor, filling up your Houzz ideabook, and looking for other design inspirations to share with your designer.

Design Consultation
Prior to your design Consultation, your designer will review your Houzz ideabooks and any other design inspirations you have shared. This meeting usually takes about an hour and will occur at your home. In addition to your designer, the people who need to be present at this meeting are: You and any other decision makers on the project. During this meeting, your designer will take preliminary measurements of the space, discuss with you how you use your space, and what you want to accomplish with your remodel. They’ll review the ​Welling Kitchens Kitchen Remodel Procedures and Processes Agreement​ with you and collect your signed copy. They’ll also discuss your project budget with you. If structural changes are anticipated, your designer will confer with your contractor after the design consultation, brainstorm ways to accomplish your goals, and what it will take to do so. Following your Design Consultation, your designer will create a proposed design for you to review at our office at your Preliminary Design Meeting. The one-time non-refundable charge for onsite Design Consultation is $100.

Preliminary Design Meeting
This meeting usually takes up to an hour and will be at the Welling Kitchens office. In addition to your designer, the people who need to be present at this meeting are: You and any other decision makers on the project. At this meeting, your designer will show you a proposed design, and recommend materials, colors, and cabinetry door styles for your project. We’ll take notes on your feedback and preferences, and gather any other information needed in order to update your design, and calculate preliminary pricing, which you’ll go over at your Preliminary Quote Review Meeting. If you can’t make all the decisions needed for pricing during this meeting, you may have a second Design Meeting. Up to 2 bath Design Meetings are free of charge, and typically allow enough time to finalize all the design details for your project. Any design time spent on your project beyond 2 design revisions will incur hourly design charges at $100/hr., which will be payable whether you decide to proceed with your project or not.

Design Release
Welling Kitchens does not release design drawings, either in digital or hard copies, prior to signing of your contract, and receipt of down payment. If you need your drawings for any reason before you accept your contract, you may choose to pay a Design Release Retainer of $500, or 5% of your proposal price, whichever is greater. Your Design Release Retainer will be credited towards your project if you decide to proceed, however it is non-refundable if you decide not to move forward with the project.

Preliminary Quote Review Meeting
This meeting usually takes up to an hour and will be at the Welling Kitchens office. In addition to your designer, the people who need to be present at this meeting are: You and any other decision makers on the project. At this meeting, your designer will present preliminary pricing for your updated design, and selected colors, materials, finishes, etc. After reviewing the pricing and scope with you, your designer will take notes on your feedback and updates you’d like to make based on the preliminary pricing, and gather any other information needed in order to update your design and pricing for your final proposal. If you don’t want to make any changes to the proposal, you may combine this meeting and the Contract Meeting, and to sign your contract, however it is common that one more round of tweaks are required at this point. If you aren’t ready to sign your contract during this meeting, and require updates, you’ll come in one more time for a Contract Meeting.

Contract Meeting
This meeting usually takes up to an hour and will be at the Welling Kitchens office. In addition to your designer, the people who need to be present at this meeting are: You and any other decision makers on the project. At this meeting, your designer will review with you your contract, pricing, final project scope and anticipated timeline. If you agree with the contract, you’ll sign, and submit your 50% down payment. This triggers the beginning of the production phase.

Modifications to project scope after you sign your contract require a change order and may affect price and timeline of your project.

Production Phase

Technical Site Measure
A member of the Welling Kitchens team will come to your home for detailed measurements, which your designer will use to make any final dimensions modifications required prior to ordering your cabinetry. This may happen before or after you sign your contract. If your project involves structural changes, old walls need to be removed, and new walls need to be framed out prior to this site measure. Any changes to the space which happen after your Design Consultation and vary significantly from the floor plan used to design your project could result in necessary changes to your design and pricing, so please be sure to inform your designer as soon as know of any such changes.

While our team member is actively taking measurements, we ask that you please keep conversation to a minimum. This job requires a lot of concentration, and any missed measurement or inaccurate notes could result in delays in your project. Please don’t take offense at our focus!

It is not necessary for you to be onsite during the technical site measure, if you are comfortable providing us with a way to enter your home in your absence.

Following your technical site measure, your designer may make minor changes to your design as needed to accommodate your space, and place orders for materials.

Material Acquisition
Soon after you sign your contract, your designer will place orders for your cabinetry, fixtures, decorative hardware, etc. Typically, the only materials not ordered at this time are countertops, which will be ordered following your cabinetry installation and countertop template.

Once we receive the ship date for your cabinetry (about 2 weeks after your technical site measure), your Welling Kitchens project manager will contact you with our proposed install date, as well as begin coordinating with your contractor, and tradesmen to get the whole install team’s schedule synced. If the scope of your project does not include installation, this is when we’ll let you know your anticipated delivery or pickup date.

Depending on your cabinetry selections, your cabinetry will typically arrive within 5-7 weeks of your technical site measure. If you will not be ready for your cabinetry that quickly, please inform your designer of your desired start date in order to avoid charges for storage once your cabinetry arrives.

Cabinetry Storage
We’ll let you know your anticipated delivery or pickup date within 2 weeks of site measure, and we’ll contact you 1-2 weeks prior to that date to check in. If you will be ready to take your cabinetry when it arrives, we’ll finalize the pickup or delivery schedule at that time. If you are not ready to take your cabinetry, we’ll schedule or plan to check back with you later. Any cabinetry not picked up or delivered within 3 weeks of arriving at Welling Kitchens will incur a storage fee of $100/month, which will be billed on the first day of each month.

Pickup or Delivery
We’ll let you know your anticipated delivery or pickup date within 2 weeks of site measure, and we’ll contact you 1-2 weeks prior to that date to check in and schedule.

If you plan to pick up your cabinetry, please verify your pickup schedule prior to coming so that we can be sure that your cabinetry is easily accessible when you arrive, and that there is someone available to help you load.

If you plan to have your cabinetry delivered, please have an easily-accessible space cleared out in your garage for our delivery crew to put your cabinetry. Delivery into your home, or to any space that is not accessible by a 26′ box truck, will incur an additional $50/hour/person delivery charge. If you informed your designer in advance that your delivery is not a standard garage delivery, this pricing will already be included in your contract, however if the scope of delivery is changed at the time of delivery, you will see the additional charges noted on your invoice. Our delivery crew will deliver where you ask them to put the cabinets, and they will not discuss delivery pricing with you.

Depending on the scope of your project, we may work as a supplier or subcontractor to the contractor you select, or manage a small number of subcontractors ourselves for your project. If it makes sense for our team to manage your project, we’ll ensure complete delivery and installation of your new cabinetry and countertops in addition to communicating scope and coordinating timelines and with subcontractors. Typically, work provided by subcontractors will be outside of the Welling Kitchens contract, and those subcontractors will bill you directly for their work. We’ll keep you informed of the stage of the project throughout the process of installation. The following is a typical sequence of events for a bathroom remodel:

  • Demolition
  • Framing of new space
  • Plumbing and electrical rough in
  • Sub-flooring and wall construction
  • Painting
  • Installation of glued-down or tile floors and walls
  • Cabinet installation, including trim and associated accessories
  • Countertop measurement
  • Electrical finish
  • Installation of floating floors
  • Countertop installation (1-2 weeks after cabinetry install for Laminate tops, 2-4 weeks after cabinetry install for stone tops)
  • Plumbing connections
  • Casing and associated trim
  • Tile backsplash installation
  • Punchlist completion and cabinet adjustments

The time needed for each of the production stages vary widely based on the scope of your project. If Welling Kitchens is managing your project, your designer will give you an idea of timeline to expect once your project scope is determined. After your project enters the production stage, your designer may hand your project over to your production manager, who will coordinate subcontractors and installers, and who will provide you with an anticipated schedule for your project. All dates provided are tentative and can vary based on a wide variety of unplanned changes that are common in a remodel. You can trust your project manager to keep you up-to-date concerning any changes to your timeline throughout the installation process. Please don’t hesitate to tell your project manager if you have any concerns or questions during your install. It is easiest to address any issues at this point, while our crew is onsite and able to take quick action. If additional materials are needed to wrap up the project, or repair any damaged items, we’ll document those items, inform you of the remaining install scope, and plan for a punchlist installation.

Punchlist Walkthrough and Installation
After your primary installation is done, we ask that you and/or your builder do a thorough walkthrough of your new spaces. Tell us what you think! If there are any outstanding issues for which you and the install team have not developed a plan, let us know. Making any corrections or repairs at this time is much easier when your installers have the project fresh in their mind, and there may be leftover materials available to utilize.

Following your walkthrough, we’ll place orders for punchlist materials as needed to complete install. If Welling Kitchens is responsible for your installation, we’ll schedule the punchlist install as soon as we have ship dates for all required materials. Otherwise, we’ll inform your builder so that they can plan for installing punchlist items when they arrive.

Upon completion of your install, your Welling Kitchens representative will contact you to confirm that you are happy with the result. After that, you’ll receive your invoice via e-mail or USPS. Your invoice will show a credit from your original deposit, and your final balance. You will likely receive separate invoices for your cabinets/cabinetry install, and your countertops/countertop install, as each of these phases is completed at a different time. If your cabinetry and countertops are part of your contract with your contractor, you won’t get an invoice. In that case, we’ll invoice your contractor directly and they’ll manage payment.

As a local, family-owned and run business, word-of-mouth reviews play a huge role in our success. If you’d be willing to recommend us, we’d be very thankful for your positive testimonial on Houzz, Facebook, or Google. Thank You! Your support means a lot to us!

Photo Session
We love sharing the finished product of our work! If you are willing to share your completed space with us, and there is enough space to get good photographs, we may ask to schedule a photo shoot. We may post these photos on Houzz, Facebook, or use them in advertising and design competitions. We will not share any of your personal information along with the photos.